BigBart Ballast-Manikin

BigBart - the "XL" version of our ballast manikins
 As supplied to leading manufacturers and testing industries  

The Bart is a ballast dummy that can the filled with water or other materials (e.g. sand) to simulate different weights of a person in a seat testing situation.

The BigBart is a further development of the Bart. Many of our customers have requested a larger weight load than 80 kg, so we developed the BigBart with a maximum weight of 100 kg when filled with water. Therefore testing situations with larger and heavier people can now be more realistically simulated. For example, in military testing not only the standard weight of a soldier is necessary but also the weight of his combat pack. So 100 kg in weight are more likely to be reached than the 80 kg of the Bart.

Great properties of the BigBart are:
• low net weight
• reusable
• suitable for all standard vehicle seat designs
• moulded seat belt slots provide secure placement of dummy during
• Water fill marks serve as a guide to achieve desired weight
• according to customers' wishes 4 different locations of the filling and
drainage hole are available.

BigBart completely filled with water has a weight of 100 kg.

Testing situations in which the
BigBart can be used are:

In the area of vehicle/air craft industry:
safety belt
roll-over bar
tire traction
accident simulation.

In the area of amusement parks:
Roller coaster and other rides
initial ride set-up


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